50W HF/50MHz External Power Amplifier (10 Band)


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This is custom designed HF + 50MHz solid state ham radio amplifier with LPF onboard, 4 x RD16HHF1 based, intended for field or mobile operations or as driver for LDMOS amplifier. This amplifier produced from high quality ORIGINAL parts, such as Mitsubishi transistors and AMIDON cores. PA PCB mounted on metal heatsink for good heat dissipation.  PA has 2.5 dB flatness of frequency response and PA can operate 24x7x365 in any digital modes without extra cooling.


Nominal power supply – 13.5v
Nominal current is – 7A
Maximum current is – 10A
Idle current is – 0.8A
Input frequency 1.8, 3.5, 7, 10, 14, 18, 24, 28, 50 MHz
Input and output impedance is 50 Ohm
Input SWR – better than 1.5 for all bands
Nominal input power is 34dBm (2.5W)
Maximum input power is 37dBm (5W)
Nominal output power 47dBm (50W CW)
Maximum output power is 48.5dBm (65W CW)
Measured IMD3 perfomance is -32dB for nominal power
External PTT signal – GND active
Band switching – manual, by pressing a button
Case size 187x120x80 mm

Nice W5KV’s Youtube reviews  video 1, video 2, video 3


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