Board for RA and SAV modules


Board for RA and SAV modules


This board designed to work with many type of TOSHIBA SAV and MITSUBISHI RA series MOSFET
power modules cased in H2 and H2S case. List of some compatible modules below

RA60H1317M RA60H1317M1 RA60H1317 RA60H4047M RA18H1213G
RA30H1317M RA30H1317M1 RA30H1317 RA30H4047M RA35H1516M
RA35H1516 RA80H1415 SAV32 SAV33

Input 3dB RF ATT, BIAS stabilizing and adjusting circuit, coupling capacitors installed onboard.
All components is original only.It suppose to be installed along with module itself onto suitable
heatsink. Input and output impedance is 50 OHm. To switch in TX mode you need to close PTT
pad to the ground.

Board sizes 65x25mm, material is FR4 1.6mm

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