RF bridge 1-3000 MHz


RF bridge 1-3000 MHz



This RF bridge is intended to use as measurement tool for

-SWR (return loss, S11) measure

-RF filters in thru modes

-impedance of any RF network,


-Capacitance,  and many other things more.


This RF bridge made from high quality RF connectors, special selection of ferrite cores and improved design of PCB.
You can see measurement for Directivity of this bridge using ANRITSU RF vector analyzer.As you can see up to 1000 MHz
this bridge can be used for ideal measurement of well-matched device, up to 2500 MHz this bridge can be used for reliable
measurement and up to 3000 MHz for indicative measurement.

You can use this RF bridge with HiQSDR (or other compatible) SDR TRCVR with N2ADR software.

Also you can use it with NWT boxes, or any other RF signal source with detector.

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