1KW 144MHz Low Pass Filter, ARLON PCB


1KW 144MHz LPF


This is a Low Pass Filter for using after VHF LDMOS power amplifier for removing harmonic. 3dB cut off frequency is 160 mHz. Insertion loss is less than 0.10 dB . Image rejection is better than 40 dB for 2nd order and better than 60 dB for 3rd order harmonics. Input and output impedance is 50 Ohm. LPF Return Loss is better than 35 dB. Long time handled power is 1kw. LPF combined with SWR directional coupler. PCB material is ARLON AD255C 60mil 1/1oz. Board size is 125 x 75 mm.

LPF fully assembled, well tuned and tested.

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