AD8307 high impedance RF probe


AD8307 RF probe



This is high input impedance probe intended to measure RF voltage and conversion it to DC voltage. You need just this probe and DMM (Digital Multi Meter) and
you can measure small RF voltage. Also you can use probe as RF sniffer, just replace input pin with  something like antenna for frequency you want to check.
Also you can use this probe with NWT boxes and for many other useful things

This lot includes assembled and tested RF probe with AD8307 detector PCB.  It suppose to be placed in some tube or enclosure. Even old marker pen will be ok.

Also you need solder DC supply and output wires to DMM (for example).

To get accurate results it is important that the ground probe contacts an RF ground close to the point on the circuit.
So to solder the wire somewhere on the RF probe ground surface and then connect it to the ground of tested device.



Input impedance:  10 MOhm
Input capacitance:  0.5pf
Maximum RF input:  3v
Working frequency: 0.1-500 MHz
Output: DC voltage
DC supply: +9-24v
PCB sizes:  55mm X 8.5mm

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