RF active probe 0.1-1500 MHz bandwith SMA output


RF probe



When it is required to make a measurement at a node of an RF circuit, connecting to the circuit using a normal oscilloscope probe, even on the x10 setting can change
the behaviour of the circuit. For those difficult cases, you need a special, high impedance and low capacitance, probe like Im selling here. Input PCB capacitors help
windstand high DC voltage on the input and improve probe linearity.

This lot includes assembled and tested RF probe and 30cm SMA-SMA cable. It suppose to be placed in some tube or enclosure. Even old marker pen will be ok.

For work with my probe you need just connect external power supply and INCLUDED 30cm coaxial cable between probe and analyzer or oscilloscope.

To get accurate results it is important that the ground probe contacts an RF ground close to the point on the circuit.
So to solder the wire somewhere on the RF probe ground surface and then connect it to the ground of tested device.

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