RF switching board


RF switching board for SDR’s for Hermes, Red Pitaya, Oddysey, HiQSDR and many others



This board provides control for RF signal flow during receive and transmit.

RX signal goes from antenna connector ANT to onboard low noise amplifier and wide band LNA with high IP3 (2xBFG135 push-pull or GALI74+ MMIC based), one of the Band Pass Filters (on external board) and into RX input of SDR Transceiver board. Both LNA and BPF can be bypassed, if needed.

TX signal from SDR Transceiver board goes to external Power Amplifier board, Low Pass Filter board and Automatic Antenna Tuner board. Please note that all those boards are EXTERNAL and OPTIONAL, the only function of RF Switching Board is external board interconnection and signal routing through them.

RF Switching Board controlled via 3.3V tolerance lines at 4-pin PLS onboard connector which has PTT, BPF and LNA pins. PTT will turn off RX path and route TX path to the antenna. BPF-OFF bypasses the BPF Board, LNA-OFF bypasses the on-board Low Noise Amplifier. Also this board provide +5v/2a supply for any external boards.

Board sizes – 120x75mm
Power supply – 12-24v, 1a Max

20 Apr 2024
New version released, TX amplifier added, GALI-74+ based

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RF switching board


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