STM8S sequencer


Event sequencer



This is event sequencer for proper RX to TX transition, and the return to RX mode. This sequencer based on modern STM8s CPU. Internal CPU clocking guarantees high precision and long-term stability, NO CAPACITOR, no external timing network, everything is digital. Sequencer has four high current MOSFET switches on output, they switching in 3 step (stage) with delay. Delay time can be selected by onboard jumper from two values – 15ms or 45ms. Three of MOSFET output port is “OPEN DRAIN” and “ground” active. Fourth MOSFET output port has external DC +12-30 input line (+IN)  that switched ON (to +OUT line) in RX mode and has same timing diagram as stage2.

Output ports not protected, just BARE DRAINS, so – be carefull, don’t forget to use diodes in parallel with relay coils.
Sequencer can be switched to TX or RX mode by external footswitch only.

Board size is 65 x 50 mm
Output ports: 4ports, 50v/3a max
Input ports: Footswitch
Delay time: 15 ms or 45 ms, onboard jumper selectable
DC input: +9-24v/0.1A max

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stm8s sequencer


schematic, assembling and wiring diagram